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Young man building a device out of pvc pipe A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences Now Enrolling Three young women outdoors working on a science project A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences Now Enrolling Students working on a writing project A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences Now Enrolling Young man building pneumatic machine A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences Now Enrolling

We’re here to personally connect with you and help you learn about the Ren community and answer any questions you may have about our Lower School and Upper School. Exploring our website is the way  to start!

You can contact us to schedule a personal tour or join us on Tuesday, January 23, or Tuesday, February 20, for an in-person Information Session at the school from 6:00-7:00pm. Please RSVP and inform us if you plan to attend. Thank you.

A Renaissance Education

Imagine a school where questions lead learning, where wondering is a habit of mind, and where children engage with the city and their studies as full participants.

Schoolchildren working with microscopes

About Ren School

At A Renaissance School (Ren School) art, design, engineering, and the sciences are lively, natural contexts for the introduction, development and application of skills. Based on inquiry processes embedded in field studies, lab work, and the studio, multi-layer collaborative projects unfold with adult guidance as each child develops confidence and competence as a learner.

Our goal is to challenge children as individuals at the edge of their abilities and help them find their passions. Our values and practices align with families seeking…

• Small class sizes (1:10 ratio) and personalized instruction
• Individualized assessment, rather than grades and test scores
• Academic learning integrating art, design, science, and engineering
• Extended day (7:30-4:00) that allows all necessary work to be done at school
• Extended year (September-July)

Learning Community

As a K-8, Ren School offers an “extended family” environment and a more integrated form of academic learning to fit the needs of the developing mind. Extended, intimate learning translates to more personalized support and challenge, with additional time to develop healthy past-times and practice positive decision-making skills.

Children and adults sitting on couches in front of large windows
Children listening to a man speak outdoors

Service, Leadership, and Civic Engagement

As community members, children are empowered to find their voices and contribute to the group through service, leadership, and civic engagement, shaping unique questions and interpretations of their expanding world.

Contact Us

A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences
234 S. Bancroft St., Portland, OR 97239
(971) 221-2311

Please fill out the form below or email us with questions at

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