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For Educators, From Educators

Please join us…

Gather around our fire to enjoy the tales…

In the time of the ancients, the bonfire was a signal to travelers, often under dark, night skies. It was a beacon that lured them to warmth, sustenance, and camaraderie. While fire warmed the body, stories nourished the soul. Around the flames, visitors told stories of their journey and hosts shared tales of the paths beyond their own village.
We all stand a little taller and straighter when we meet "the other" and share our stories, not to create a recipe, but to set out with others on new adventures, pushing boundaries and charting new water. Instructive, illustrative, inspiring, illuminating, inciting… Stories allow us to re-see ourselves, to select the “best” and accentuate the details that draw in the audience and play at the edges of their own imaginations. Stories offer an expansive world!
In curriculum development, stories differ from recipes… Recipes assume the use of the same measured ingredients and conditions. They require replication for a consistent result, assessed in a specific manner. Stories are meant to evolve and shift, to encompass the possibilities of now, new ingredients, unusual and untried environments, with fresh eyes and appreciation. Stories become culinary surprises and allow the chef to draw from traditions and combine novel, local elements.
We document our work to share with others. We believe that this place, with its public-school roots and independent wings, can be a model for others who share foundational values. Be our guests, take an ember, a story, and enjoy the fare.

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